About Us

About Us

Bail Bonds In Santa Ana has been helping people get out of jail in the Santa Ana area and throughout Orange County for the last 17 years. At Bail Bonds In Santa Ana we understand how unpleasant being in jail is and we want to help you get out of the situation as quickly as possible. Every day innocent people are thrown in jail over misunderstandings or misrepresentations. Rather than having to post your full bail amount out of pocket, which can seem incredibly unfair especially if it is for a crime you didn’t commit, we help you pay the minimum amount possible in order to return to your everyday life. You deserve to be treated as innocent and free until proven guilty, and we ensure that you are not kept in jail for the weeks or months until your trial. All of our agents at Bail Bonds In Santa Ana understand the fear and anger that you and your family may feel when you are arrested and put in jail. Our agents are kind and understanding, and will make sure that they explain the bail process to everyone involved. We make bail as simple and pain-free as possible for your and your family. We deal with the complicated paper work so that you can focus on getting home and getting back to your life.

At Bail Bonds In Santa Ana we help clients who have been arrested for theft, a sex crime, drug offenses, domestic violence and everything else in between. We view you as our professional clients, not as criminals, and we treat you accordingly. Our bail agents have been in the business for a long time and have dealt with posting bail for an endless variety of offenses. We have an in depth understanding of the bail process and use our knowledge to ensure you get out of jail in the quickest and cheapest way possible. We hire our bail bonds agents careful to ensure that you receive the personalized and caring service that you deserve. A few of our agents have even been wrongfully arrested themselves and are passionate about making sure you are treated justly regardless of your unique situation. We have an impressive track record of client satisfaction and intend to continue providing the highest level of customer service. Our agents are not enormous, scary men who bully you into complying with your bail conditions – they are kind, compassionate and helpful people who want to help you and provide you with the best service possible. Bail Bonds In Santa Ana is part of a large network of bail bonds services that have expanded across California over the past 17 years. We have been successful because our clients are always satisfied and happy to recommend our services to others. Without the satisfaction of our customers we would not be the large professional company that we are today, and we hope to continue to grow in the coming years and continue serve you better.


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